Making a Difference: Walk/Jog/Run/Wheel

Reader Kyra Z. shares:

This film inspired Kyra's fundraising efforts

I loved the book Jumping Jenny, not only because it is a wonderful reminder that everyone can make a difference in the world using their special talent, but also because it reminded me of myself. When I was 12 years old, I organized a walk/jog/run/wheel to raise money for the nonprofit group Free Wheelchair Mission. The organization collects money to build wheel chairs for disabled people in Africa who are often shunned by society. I wanted to help contribute to this cause, so I set up a fundraiser for my friends and family, where participants got sponsored for the number of miles they ran/wheeled around Prospect Park. To challenge myself, I pledged that I would jog around the entire park without stopping, something I had never done before. With the support of my friends, who biked along next to me, I ran the 3 ½ miles just like Jenny accomplished her 1,000 jumps. Both Jenny and my successes prove everyone can use what they love in a powerful way, hopefully inspiring more people to change the world.



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