Test your Knowledge about jumping and health.
Have a grown-up print this out for you. When you’re finished with all the questions on paper, come back to this page.  Scroll to the bottom and click to find the answers… the password is the answer to question number five.
(Hint: if your first answer doesn’t work, try the other)

1. Jumping and exercise helps your heart pump oxygen to all parts of your body. True or False.

2. To stay healthy, children should be active _______minutes per day? 5, 10, 30, 60, minutes

3. What does jumping and other types of exercise do for your body?
a. Strengthens your bones and muscles
b. Stresses you out
c.  Makes your heart weak

4. Which of these are true about jumping and being physically active?

a.       Helps your heart pump blood to your body
b.      Help you sleep better
c.       Gives you an extra energy boost
d.      Helps you unwind
e.      All of the Above

5. Which animal jumps higher: a tiger or a kangaroo? Tiger

6. A grasshopper can jump 20 times its body height.
For a human, that’s like jumping:

a.       The length of a car.
b.      The length of a whole basketball court.
c.       A mile.

7. Only land animals can jump. True or False.

Click here for the answers

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