Ugandan Beads: Online Resources

A number of organizations are working with the women of Uganda to help them gain exposure and sell their beaded jewelry.  Below is a list  of organizations pioneering this field. Click here for an art project you can do with you class that is simlar to the process the women use.

  • This website site includes a video tutorial that shows how to make the beads a well as a store for buying them from Uganda.
  • BeadforLife  works to eradicate extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned world citizens. The website includes curriculum materials about Global Poverty: How Youth Can Make a Difference
  • is another American organization that partners with women in Uganda, East Africa to create beautiful jewelry using recycled paper and plastic.
  • includes information about how you can help the Ugandan Pit-tek Women increase their bead sales by hosting your own Bead Party.
  • All of the beads on this site are made from recycled paper by poverty stricken people in the displaced person camps of Kampala, Uganda.  Site includes ideas for hosting bead parties and other fundraising activities.


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