Writing: Jump Idioms

There are so many idioms with the word jump…it lends itself to a great writing activity about idioms and word choice. If you have access to a computer, this is an ancient, but very funny cartoon to use as a jumping off point (pun always intended) to explore the concept of idioms.


A more substantial extension activity is in the works, but in the meantime, you might have fun with these.

a hop, skip, and a jump
a quantum leap
be for the high jump
dive in with both feet
get a jump on
Go jump in a lake!

jump all over
jump at
jump clear of
jump down
jump down someone’s throat
jump for joy
jump from xxxx to xxxx
jump in
jump in with both feet

jump off the deep end
jump on the bandwagon
jump out of jump out of skin
jump out of the frying pan into the fire
jump over the broomstick
jump ship
jump the gun
jump the queue
jump the track
jump through hoops
jump to conclusions
jumping-off point
one jump ahead
see which way the cat jumps
take a running jump
two jumps ahead of


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