Writing: Word Puzzles

There a few different word puzzles available on this website – one is about community service, another is about jumping, and the third uses words that relate to exercise, heart and health. Any of these can be used as a jumping off point for vocabulary and writng exercises on one of the topics. Print out enough copies of the word puzzle so your class can work in pairs. Choose whether you want to explore Jumpers! or if you want the puzzle to open a discussion about community service or health and exercise.

Make A Difference

First have the children talk about what each word means to them. Ask them to share some of the ways they have helped out with their family, friends or the larger community. Now ask them to write a fiction, or non-fiction short story using at least 4 of the words in the Word Puzzle. Have them write those words in a different color.  Ask for volunteers to share their stories.


Alternatively, you can talk about how different beings jump, and see how many of them they have seen the different animals jump first hand. Ask them if they can think of other animals that jump, that were not listed (many will say their cats jump a lot) Have the children work in pairs to write a short story that includes 4 of the hidden jumping words. Ask volunteers to share.

Your Healthy Heart

This can be a good place to start a discussion about why jumping and exercise are so good for your health.  Ask your students to share the kinds of activity they enjoy. Have each child write a short story using at least 3 or 4 words from the puzzle.


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