Making a Difference

Making a Difference: Family Bake Sale


Jenny’s class was focused on helping a school in Uganda that did not have what they needed. Jenny’s teacher mentions books and computers specifically. In reality, money that is sent to the school in Uganda also helps with essentials like fixing roofs so that they can harvest sorely needed rain water and lunch programs so children who are hungry can focus on their studies. Your school or community may already be engaged in some fundraising activities, but there are always people in need, whether it’s an ongoing situation in your own community or a disaster that has affected people many miles away.
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Making a Difference: Walk/Jog/Run/Wheel


Reader Kyra Z. shares: I loved the book Jumping Jenny, not only because it is a wonderful reminder that everyone can make a difference in the world using their special talent, but also because it reminded me of myself. When …
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Writing: Word Puzzles


There a few different word puzzles available on this website – one is about community service, another is about jumping, and the third uses words that relate to exercise, heart and health. Any of these can be used as a …
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Kids Making a Difference: Online Resources


Sometimes I am astounded at how much can get done with determination, passion and heart. These organizations were all inspired by, or started by,  kids who choose to make a difference in the world: “You must be the change you …
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